MORGAN MEDIATION has swiftly established itself as a market leader in a fast-growing sector that is having a greater impact on businesses and organisations today.

Led by the dynamic and focused Susan Morgan MBE, the team’s mediation skills have successfully resolved workplace disputes from board level to management and staff employed in the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Their timely intervention has reduced the negative impact on other employees, enabled staff to get on with their jobs, and saved the organisations major costs including discrimination or wrongful dismissal claims at employment tribunals.

Proven success in the following areas:

  • Relationship breakdown between colleagues
  • Relationship breakdown between manager and employee
  • Perceived bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Disputes involving several employees
  • Providing mediation as a sanction post a grievance process
  • Staff returning from sick absence
  • Addressing mental health issues

"We have used MORGAN MEDIATION for a number of high-profile cases at Board and Senior Management Level. What has shone through has been a professional approach which is clear and gets to the heart of the issue quickly and objectively. The focus has always been on providing a solution, not airing grievances or nursing grudges, and in each case we have felt the solution has come through because of the trust those taking part have had in MORGAN MEDIATION. Finally, we have been impressed with the formal “contract” drawn up post-mediation to ensure that parties concerned really know what is expected of them, and honour the commitments they have made." Oakridge

About Us

Susan Morgan MBE is a fully qualified and accredited advanced mediator with expertise in both individual and group mediation. She now leads MORGAN MEDIATION’s professional mediation team... more

Why Mediation Works

At MORGAN MEDIATION we understand that business success relies on having the right people performing together by resolving disputes quickly and effectively... more

Additional Services

An investigation may take place prior or post mediation. If a mediation is not appropriate then advice and support is available when discussing alternative options... more

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